Figure IV :: Swarms

Bacon, Three Studies of Lucian Freud

Consolidation/Reconsolidation. We are swarms alternating between crescendos and decrescendos of intensity. I once said to you, after reading Deleuze’s book on Hume, that “The ‘self’, really, is a compromise between warring component drives or, at best, a certain configuration of them.” Was I merely seeking my own fragmentation? Are we, as Deleuze stated, “habits, nothing but habits — The habit of saying I”? All those desperate attempts to reformulate a model of subjectivity after wave upon wave of collapse. Trying to find some sort of meta-stabilisation between a plurality of flows… You can only oscillate for so long before a phase shift occurs.

Within me lived a silence that got bored of itself. Or the silence was fertilised by others, or… No Matter.

And then onto more yawning which draws tensors through the nerves. Like Dante poised before the tornado of tormented souls of doomed lovers these possibilities swarm around me, conferring motion upon each other in an exchange of energies that generates the emergent vortex. No. Wrong. The swarm is me. “Man is a swarm animal“ (Lacan). King Rat of component drives.

((Propagandistic, reactionary statements proliferate.))

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